Oh no! :(

We're closing to rebrand

Hi Free Time Lottery Community,

In July Facebook deemed our website address as 'Spam', which blocks members from sharing their referral link on both Facebook and Facebook messenger.

Despite our efforts to have this ban lifted it still remains and has cost us advertising deals, meaning no money to fund the draw.

Free Time Lottery depends on the referral of new users and advertising revenue to be successful.

Having a site as popular as Facebook disable the communication of our web address has caused a huge impact.

We are left with only one option to continue running the site and that is to re-brand and change our web address.

This re-branding will take some time and unfortunately we will need to close the website while this is occurring.

Effective 7 September 2018 Free Time Lottery is closed. All your tickets will be retained.

We aim to be back as soon as possible; we apologise for the inconvenience.

Kyfer and Trev

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